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Sigmund Ådnøy ("offentlig figur")


mandag 26. august 2013

A few lines of rhyme about a curious, new political party ("De Kristne")

A Christianese Tea Party

These people want a power
that they don’t really deserve
Every minute of the hour
they dream up a higher curve

They want to “christianise”,
and their means is criticism
They see themselves as wise
They ignore our scepticism

This party is so "smart"
it already seeks to rule
But politics aren’t like go-cart,
and they should have played it cool

They rhapsodize and criticise

but ought to look at themselves

They might seem sound in their own eyes

But should have cleaned their shelves

‘Cause there below their point-of-views

are lying revelations

which are, in fact, contaminating

rational expectations

I don’t know how they were struck,
though I wish them kind of luck
Their party’s one of a kind
though I think they’re out of their mind,
acting like a five-year old driving a monster truck

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